Nous Magazine is a Manchester-based publication for mind culture and visual philosophy, giving imaginative folk a platform to present their work and deal with difficult issues such as insomnia and disconnection through art and creativity. In collaboration with various local creatives, Nous is curating a mini festival, As We Are Away, which seeks to showcase the ethos of the magazine by exploring the mind, music and poetry. There will be a range of events on offer as part of the festival, such as Poetry Tea Hour at Takk with poems and short stories, live music with Bernard+Edith at Big Hands and a ‘Mental’ double bill film screening at Joshua Brooks from Cultivate Film, complete with complimentary popcorn. The aim of the festival is to create a space at various venues to deal with mental illness and depression in a light and creative way, and it’s fair to say it doesn’t get lighter than free popcorn.

Fri 9 – Fri 16 Aug, Various venues, FREE,

Fri 9 Aug - Fri 16 Aug
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Sun 4 Aug 2013