While Manchester’s live music venues remain closed, many of them have pivoted to offer exciting new ways to enjoy their output from home. If you’re hoping to use your lockdown to learn an instrument or expand your toe-tapping melody skills, Band on the Wall may have just the thing; their World of Music Programme offers a host of resources that can help boost your musical abilities and expand your knowledge of music cultures. From lessons on how to learn an instrument from scratch, a weekly online choir letting you flex your vocal chords and extensive resources on the history of a variety of musical cultures – it’s never been easier to start your musical education. In addition, the Band on the Wall website also features a wealth of expert advice from professional musicians and can even teach you how to play tunes from top bands and artists from across the world. Head to the Band on the Wall website to get started.

Band On The Wall,
27 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JZ
, 0161 834 1786
Edward Lane
Published on:
Mon 18 May 2020