With the date reset on George Orwell’s classic 1984, Central Library is bringing an immersive retelling of the novel to life. 2084, set a century ahead of the original, reimagines Orwell’s tale of totalitarian states and state surveillance for a modern audience. Writer Adam Taub’s play doesn’t let the audience off, as the immersive performance will put them in the heart of the action, asking how far they are prepared to go to defy a state intent on controlling them. Pure Expression, the company behind 2084, will be well acquainted with Central Library after the success of their Frankenstein in 2018 which explored the darker corners of the library and was described as ‘a unique experience in a remarkable space.’ With experienced immersive theatre director Rosanna Mallinson, founder of ImmerCity, onboard to direct, this is set to be a timely adaptation of one of Orwell’s most enduring, and prescient novels as the rise of tech companies and state surveillance continues to be part of the 21st century conversation.

Tue 5 – Thu 14 Feb, Manchester Central Library, St. Peter’s Square, Manchester M2 5PD. £12-£15 www.eventbrite.com

2084 – An Immersive Performance from Adam Taub on Vimeo.

Tue 5 Feb - Thu 14 Feb
Joe Daly
Published on:
Mon 11 Feb 2019