One of the most frustrating things about Manchester’s local music scene over the past couple of years has been its complete inability to break out into any kind of success outside of an M-whatever postcode. It’s good, then, to see signs of change – MONEY have won the hearts and minds of the London-centric tastemakers, PINS have been one of the most blogged about bands of the past two years and now Temple Songs are looking to break through this weird, rainy city glass ceiling too. Their new single Passed Caring (pictured) comes out on RIP Records, and this show (with surf-pop friends The Bell Peppers and psych-noise enemies Base Ventura) is to celebrate that fact. For those who haven’t listened to Temple Songs, they sound like the kind of Paul McCartney would make if he was a twenty-something lo-fi-obssessed hipster in the modern day instead of the old man he is now. Zane Lowe is a fan and the London equivalent of this show was a much-sought after affair, playing to a packed Shacklewell Arms – and as much as it’s nice seeing bands go out into the world and make a name for themselves, it’s even better having them back every so often to have a party.

Sat 6 Jul, Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street, M4 5JZ, 7.30pm, £5,

Sat 6 Jul
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sat 29 Jun 2013