Weaving a profoundly creative tale of captivating melody and exhilarating spontaneity, Leeds-born sitarist Jasdeep Singh Degun, one of Britain’s leading figures in the Indian Classical Tradition, collaborates with the Scottish Ensemble to deliver a ‘sparklingly cinematic’ programme at the RNCM on Sun 8 Oct.

Featuring a Manchester premiere of a new work by Jasdeep, arrangements from the Western classical string repertoire and spellbinding compositions from his album, Anomaly, the performance complements the ancient tradition of raags with a sprawling compendium of contemporary classical techniques, transporting the audience on an odyssey through layers of inventive sound.

Jasdeep’s concert marks the commencement of a two-year stint as an RNCM Artist-in-Residence, during which he will work intensively with both staff and students to explore the synthesis of different music traditions in an arena of boundless instrumental possibilities.

Guests are encouraged to arrive at 3pm for a pre-concert performance by the K’in Ensemble, a fusion collective whose twinkling, iridescent sound explores the enthralling idiosyncrasies and inflections of non-Western forms.

Tickets are £19, or just £10 for students and under-26s.

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Sun 8 Oct - Fri 8 Sep, 4pm, RNCM,
124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD
, Tel: 0161 907 5200, £10-£19
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Fri 15 Sep 2023