After playing one of most-loved sets at their festival last summer, promoters Fat Out will be bringing back London destroyers Poino to repeat the beating. Rising from the ashes of Giddy Motors, Gaverick de Vis continues his assault on the senses and the sensual in this un-funk-with-able new power trio Poino. Something ungodly, primitive, jazzy, sexual and unashamedly Cockney is at work in Poino’s revision of the classic noise-rock of the early 1990s, delivered with wit, precision and undeniable hooks. Bangovers and boogie bruises are par for the course. Joining them for this date on their European tour are Liverpool’s DIY legends Stig Noise Sound System, Norwegian improvisational unit Staer and French feedback duo Black Packers. A true riot of experimental sounds that will leave even the freakiest muso-weirdo tarred, feathered and drooling from the mouth.

Thu 7 Mar, The Bay Horse, 35-37 Thomas Street, M4 1NA, Tel: 0161 661 1041, 7.30pm, £4,

Thu 7 Mar
David McLean
Published on:
Mon 4 Mar 2013