In celebration of Polish national delicacy placki ziemniaczane – the potato pancake – beloved Great Northern restaurant Platzki is hosting a two-day festival across Wed 18 Jan and Thu 19 Jan with three different iterations available to try, alongside a variety of irresistible dishes and customarily generous measures of vodka. 

Considered the beautifully simple foundation of Platzki’s adventurous, conceptual year-round menu, the endlessly adaptable placki ziemniaczane is available with wild creamy mushroom sauce and fresh herbs (Platzki Gyrzyby), sausage stew, tomato and peppers (Platzki Kielbasa) or mixed vegetable stew, tomato and fresh herbs (Platzki Warzywa), for just £12 each. Guests can also try the Karkowka – rich roasted pork neck with potato dumplings and horseradish gravy – for £22,  Zurek – sour rye soup with Polish sausage and mashed potato – for £7 and Kapusniak – sauerkraut soup with potatoes and carrot – for just £6 per bowl. For something smaller but equally warming, Platzki also offers four shots of flavoured Polish vodka for a tenner throughout the festival.

No booking is required – just head down to the restaurant in good time.

For more information, visit the Platzki website.

Wed 18 Jan, 4pm-10pm, Platzki Restaurant,
229 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN
, Tel: 07719 731662, FREE
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 11 Jan 2023