HOME is a jewel in Manchester’s exceedingly large crown, offering an independent cinema, theatre and gastronomic environment for all to enjoy in the aptly named location of Tony Wilson Place. The venue anticipates a suitably exciting event coming up from Fri 19 July as its Pop Stars on Film series will showcase those most loved, and some under-appreciated, cinematic masterpieces courtesy of your favourite pop stars. Think Madonna, Prince and Bowie, awe inspiring music careers only enhanced by their acting stints and films that made their faces as big as their voices. HOME welcomes you to a month of extraordinary Pop Stars on Film, and it wouldn’t be a HOME signature event without a few DJ sets, Q&As and themed evenings thrown in, right? We’ve sorted through the noise to pick some stand out moments you won’t want to miss…

Purple Rain + DJ Set – Fri 19 July
The event kicks off with Prince’s acclaimed Purple Rain, showcasing the Purple One’s debut talent enacting the life of a struggling musician, not too unlike himself. The film that saw the soundtrack, curated by the man himself, skyrocket in popularity will be accompanied on Fri 19 July by a Purple Rain DJ set put together by HOME’s Artistic Director of Film Jason Wood to which audiences are invited to turn up decked out in purple. This event is free however bundled with the price of the screening ticket is a formal introduction to the film giving an in depth look at Prince and his career in reference to purple Rain. This is certainly not one to miss! Find out more here.

Desperately Seeking Susan – Sun 21 July
This 80s classic starring the one and only Madonna captured the hearts of millions, telling the story of female lust and idolism, whilst undeniably influencing fashion the world over. Everyone must see this film and why not on the big screen where it belongs? If not for the pure nostalgia and indulgence of the euphoric 80s style, this film is important in understanding culture and representing female needs and perspectives, arguably without the usual sexualisation. The Sun 21 July screening comes equipped with a post-screening discussion; however the film is being screened at other times in the series. Learn more here.

Performance – Sun 28 July
Using elements of his own early music career, a young Jagger portrays a washed up musician in 70s cult hit Performance. Laced with themes of crime and drugs the film explores Jagger’s character and his fascination with a criminal flatmate, dissecting London as a centre of crime in the 1970s. Performance is one of those films you’ll be glad to have watched and allows the lead Rolling Stone to showcase his acting skills making us fall in love with him all over again. The film will be screened on Sun 28 July and will be followed by a Q&A session with experts in this particular film. Book tickets here.

King Creole – Tue 30 July
The King gives what many view as his best performance in the New Orleans extravaganza King Creole, supposedly fending off James Dean for the role in 1958. Elvis plays a lost 19 year old struggling to construct a future for himself when he falls into a music career, showing him not only the criminal backstreets of New Orleans’ French Quarter, but what he could do in the world. This is a must-see classic and will be screened on Tue 30 July and mustn’t be missed for an injection of proper rock ‘n’ roll. More info here.

Videodrome – Sun 4 August
Outside of her massive Blondie career, Debbie Harry’s explosive performance as the girlfriend of a TV channel president who goes missing after auditioning for torture and punishment TV show Videodrome, is one to be re-watched. The David Cronenberg classic was ahead of its time in 1983, commenting heavily on media domination and effects of screen violence and provides a paradox of refreshing self reflective material and a sense of nostalgia for the era. Videodrome starts screening on Sun 4th August with select screenings including formal introductions. Book your tickets here.

Juice – Thu 8 August
The late Tupac Shakur rose to fame as a gangsta rap musician on America’s East Coast in the 1990s, but also pursued a career in film. Juice was Tupac’s first starring role and saw his portrayal of Bishop take a life of petty crime to dangerous extremes when along with his gang of friends he attempts a robbery. A film of soul, crime, music and culture, Juice established Tupac as a serious actor, and had he not been assassinated in 1996 we couldn’t imagine what he would go on to achieve. Whatever your opinion on the Harlem legend, Juice is well worth the watch, even just to soak up some of the 90s nostalgia and look back on the hood culture that the genre provides. Catch the screening with an introduction on 8th August. Learn more here.

Fri 19 Jul – Wed 14 Aug, HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester M15 4FN, Tel: 0161 200 1500, www.homemcr.org

Fri 19 Jul - Wed 14 Aug
Emmeline Banks
Published on:
Thu 18 Jul 2019