With festival season cancelled this year, many of Manchester’s most-loved outdoor events have pivoted to tailor for their new house-bound audiences. Manchester Pride is the latest venture to head online with Live in Your Living Room, a new series of streamed events that hope to keep LGBTQ+ viewers across the city entertained every Friday for the next four weeks with performances captured from their 2017, 2018 and 2019 festivals. The fun starts on Friday 17 April at 8pm with a screenings of Rita Ora, Louisa and Liberty X’s sets captured from previous events and available for free on the Pride YouTube page for a limited time. The Pride team will follow up their four week celebration of Prides past with another four weeks of as-yet-unannounced new streamed material curated and created by the LGBTQ+ charity. They’ll also be hosting a variety of exciting competitions and giveaways via their social media channels.

Edward Lane
Published on:
Wed 15 Apr 2020