One half of Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (with Erol Alkan) and the figure behind The Grid (THE GRID!) and Time and Space Machine, Richard Norris makes a rare trip to the North West for a one-off psychedelic spectacular at Chorlton Irish Club. Part of the weekend-long Chorlton Big Green Happening, Richard will be playing a mix of new and old psychedelic music and will be joined by Richard Hector-Jones (The Chimes of Big Ben, Never Been Caught, Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia). As well as being a celebrated DJ, producer and early psych ambassador (through the Bam Caruso label), Richard Norris is a composer for theatre, film, song and contemporary performance with a strong interest in fusing genres and working in different performance spaces. Over the last year Richard has been working on the music for film, The Bricklayer Yoga Documentary Part and Parcel (Pink Namaste) and a new album, Diary of a Decade, co-written with guitarist and world musician, Tekin Mustafa. Sounds like a ride.

Visit his SoundCloud.

Fri 25 Apr, Chorlton Irish Club 17 High Lane, Chorlton Manchester, M21 9DJ. Tel: 0161 881 2898, 8pm-1am, £5,


Fri 25 Apr
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Wed 23 Apr 2014