If you can shift yourself from underneath the Easter Egg wrappers on bank holiday Monday for something other than grabbing another Creme Egg, then let it be for Bandit, Mugger and Thief’s alternative Easter eggstravaganza. David Hoyle (The Divine David, Nathan Barley) is back and better than ever before, bringing with him his dark and comedic powers to provide a cabaret of live acts and raw, electrifying and unfiltered, queer performance. Supported by the performance legend, Debs Gatenby, (A Place Called Happiness, Hi Anxiety) and the dance phenomenon Josh Hubbard, (Young Fathers), David Hoyle’s Rites of Spring will certainly awaken Canal Street from its Easter hangover. Expect the unexpected and be ready to wade knee deep through tears of laughter (and possibly fear). And as if the name Bandit, Mugger and Thief isn’t intriguing enough,the venue promises it can offer almost everything – just not sleep. Somehow, however, we don’t think you’ll be sleeping through this.

Mon 28 Mar, Bandit, Mugger and Thief, 1 Canal Street, The Village, Manchester, M1 3HE. Tel: 0161 244 5282, 7.45pm, £10, www.buytickets.at

Mon 28 Mar
Emma Prendergast
Published on:
Wed 23 Mar 2016