Ambitious though it may seem with the unpredictable temperament of the British weather there are two BBQs this weekend to hit for a lovely, hopefull sunny, day out. First up on Saturday Manchester’s favourite folk label Red Deer Club hosts a live outdoor stage at The Beagle. Brought to us in association with Chorlton Arts Festival, food will be provided by The Beagle, moving away from the kitchen and over to the BBQ grill it’ll be a treat to see what they come up with. Music on the live stage comes courtesy of Red Deer Club’s wonderful roster including Literature Thieves, Songs For Walter, Aiden Smith and All We Are with DJs Jeff Plant and Rob Bright picking up the slack. On Sunday, get on the 42, 43, 142 or the 143, (or just walk it, it’s really not that far) to Kro Bar on Oxford Road, opposite the Academy for Red Laser Disco’s BBQ which promises a ‘quality sound system pumping out amazing music to a mix of positive, up for it people’. This is the third Red Laser BBQ and if the last two are anything to go by this one will be a banger. Featuring DJs from Wet Play, Aficonado, Homoelectric, Cutloose and Bohemian Groove enjoy a burger and gain some new best friends.

Sat 25 May, Red Deer Club BBQ, The Beagle, 456-458 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, M21 0BQ. 12pm-8pm, FREE,

Sun 26 May, Red Laser BBQ, Kro Bar, 325 Oxford Road, M13 9PG. Tel: 0161 274 3100, 4pm-late, £7,

Sat 25 May - Sun 26 May
John Stansfield
Published on:
Thu 2 May 2013