When you think of authentic smokehouse barbecue you might not automatically think of Leeds, with the art of good barbecue being more entwined with the deep south of America than the West Riding of Yorkshire. However Red’s across the Pennines has been packing in fans of flavoursome meat and good ol’ fashioned ‘merican eats for the last few years – so much so that they’ve decided now is the time to save Manchester from bad barbecue. Keeping to strict Southern American recipes and values, right down to the infamous Bible belt’s religification of most meals, Red’s aims to give you exactly what you want – provided what you want is succulent smokehouse treats. The menu features the Donut Burger (two steak burgers grilled over hickory and served between two sweet glazed donuts – pictured), Beef Long (tender beef ribs, smoked for more than 12 hours) and Georgia Hobo Juice (Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey with lemon, lime and sugar, served in a large jar with the compulsory brown bag). Tongue placed firmly in cheek, Red’s barbecue is headed to Lloyd Street, just off Albert Square, to take over the space left vacant by Livebait in which they aim to feed more than the five thousand.

Opens Thu 13 Feb, Red’s True Barbecue, 22 Lloyd Street, off Albert Square, M2 5WA, truebarbecue.com

Thu 13 Feb
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 10 Feb 2014