Its official; after a few rainless days and the talk of premature BBQ’s the glorious British summer time has arrived. Band on the Wall are presenting us with the perfect opportunity to get in the mood as legendary reggae fusion band Edward II will be showcasing their new direction. Edward II have been recording and touring in various incarnations since 1984 – going through various stylistic and line-up changes; even releasing material under the name E2k at the dawning of the Millennium. Fifteen years on, they are as innovative as ever and have decided that rather than fusing Caribbean roots music with the folk ditties of middle England they will be paying homage to the North by singing a collection of songs from the industrial revolution which has the potential to give us an insight in to the lives of the working class in such a pivotal time in British history. Grab yourself a Red Stripe, a pork pie and treat yourself to the soulful charm of Edward II.

Thu 23 Apr, Band on the Wall, 25 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JZ. Tel: 0161 834 1786, 7pm, from £13 (early bird),

Thu 23 Apr
Jonathon Butterworth
Published on:
Thu 23 Apr 2015