Nowadays he’s one of those familiar faces on UK comedy panel shows but over the years the addition of the name Reg D  Hunter on a comedy show bill has meant you’re truly in for a treat. In his trademark mellifluous Georgia tones, American Hunter would languorously opine his view on the world.

Wise as much as it is wry, he touches on topics as worldly and diverse as politics, race, sex and relationships. His take on all those topics is, ostensibly, frank and fearless – there’s no self-censorship it seems.

Over the years he’s been nominated for Perrier awards, garnered plaudits all around and persistently teased with his continual use of that ‘n word’ in most of his show titles, you know the one that creates panic in most middle class white folk.

He may be better known these days and the audiences he generates on tour are inevitably larger but nothing’s changed with Hunter; his rhetoric is as powerful as ever – though for this tour he has plumped for different racial slang terminology.

Wed 12 + Thu 13 Jun, The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ, 0843 208 6000,  8pm, £21


Wed 12 Jun - Thu 13 Jun
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Mon 10 Jun 2013