Though the age of the internet was thought to have rendered television redundant, we are currently living through quite the golden age of the goggle box. To celebrate this, the inaugural Pilot Light TV Festival will be taking place across Manchester this May with Q&As, communal viewings of classic shows and world premieres of critically-acclaimed treats including David Hasselhoff vehicle Hoff the Record. Highlights include a retrospective screening and panel for the prophetic satire of Nathan Barley, unfortunately not taking place in someone’s vegan basement in the Northern Quarter and instead in the hallowed halls of Home, followed by a totally Mexico Q&A session with Jonatton Yeah? himself Charlie Condou. Another retrospective takes place with a screening of Snuff Box, the often forgotten but much loved Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher sketch show that aired in 2006. Answering audiences questions and no doubt kicking some attached woman’s dog into next week is the porksmith Matt Berry. TV is no longer a solitary experience so get out there and enjoy some of the best it has to offer in venues across the city.

Thu 5 May – Sun 8 May, Various Vanues & Times,

Thu 5 May - Sun 8 May
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 3 May 2016