The 1985 Japanese classic Ran is coming to the screens of Mancunian arts hub HOME at the start of April as part of a series of national screenings showcasing a new 4K remastered cut of the film. Directed by celebrated filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, it’s a certified masterpiece of world cinema that frequently finds its way into critics’ top ten lists – even thirty years since its original release. It’s a retelling of Shakespeare’s King Lear set in feudal Japan – with a healthy dollop of Japanese legend thrown into the mix – told in bright, glorious colour, full of fire and grit. Restored in 4K, the huge battle scenes – Kurosawa famously employed over 1400 extras for the film – look as big and brutal as ever, with every every sword swipe and flaming arrow captured crystal clear. This re-release marks not only the thirtieth anniversary of the film’s European release, but is also conveniently aligned with the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death. Whether you’re a fan of Shakespeare, Japanese cinema – or just a filmgoer looking for an epic take on a classic tale – this is a screening you absolutely must not miss.

Fri 1 Apr – Thu 7 Apr, HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, First Street, Manchester M15 4F, Various times, £9,

Fri 1 Apr - Thu 7 Apr
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Mon 4 Apr 2016