The entirety of 2020 has felt like a terrible trick, and with more lockdown measures looming, the tricks just seem to keep mounting up. However, to bring a bit of joy into October, the award-winning team behind Homage2Fromage have brewed up a spookily delightful treat for us all with their Halloween cheese box. Sweets are so 2019 for Halloween – and this box provides way more fun.

Upon opening the box I was met with a trick that made jump (no spoilers here). Supplied inside are five delicious cheeses – all aptly related to Halloween ghouls and beasties – crackers, chutneys, plates, instructions, tasting notes, a fun quiz and a prize for the winner. The premise of the box is the same as their fantastic cheese events (normally held between once and twice a month in Manchester) where someone “hosts” and reads the instructions aloud before everyone dives in and has a taste of the goodies.

The cheeses themselves ranged from a fairly safe (ghostly) brie to the outright bizarre charcoal cheddar which was the biggest surprise. It gets its black colour from the addition of activated charcoal which seemed to really enhance the “cheesey” flavour. There will be no vampires crossing your threshold anytime soon either with two garlic-based cheeses. The smoked garlic bulb is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the palette. The chilli cheese was devilishly delicious and packed a punch when paired with the firecracker crackers. The green (blue?) gouda which is infused with rosemary and thyme ties the whole board together with its savoury flavour.

Meanwhile, the quiz is a bit of light fun too, testing your cheese knowledge whilst sticking to the Halloween theme. All in all, we highly recommend this box to both Halloween and cheese-lovers alike for something a bit different this October. The Homage2Fromage2You boxes can be ordered here for either two or four people. The Halloween box is only available for a limited time. Other options including their seasonal Autumn cheese box can be found on their site too.

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Mon 19 Oct, Homage2Fromage
Kristen MacGregor
Published on:
Mon 19 Oct 2020