Grimm Up North is a group of movie fanatics that presents a monthly screening of horror, cult, and fantasy films. This month’s event, taking place at Z-Film Studios in East Didsbury, is set to be epic…literally. They will be screening all three Lord of the Rings films in one marathon session. And because the theatrical versions just aren’t good enough for die-hards, they will be playing the extended editions. That’s over 11 hours of entertainment, during which you can watch the whole journey from The Shire to Mordor and back in loving (some would say ‘painstaking’) detail. By the end, you’ll most likely be driven mad like Gollum, and crawl home wearing nothing but a makeshift loin cloth. If this event is successful, let’s hope Grimm Up North don’t do the same thing with the three Hobbit movies.

Sat 30 May, Z-Film Studios, Studio House, Battersea Road, East Didsbury, Manchester, SK4 3EA, 1pm – 1am, £16 plus booking fee,

Sat 30 May
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Tue 26 May 2015