The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) has launched the RNCM Ukrainian Musicians Fund to support displaced Ukrainian students.

The aim of the fund is to ensure that the country doesn’t suffer the loss of a generation of musical talent and that young musicians are given the opportunity to fulfil the dreams they’ve worked so hard towards.

As well as fee bursaries, the RNCM will also use the fund to provide additional support in terms of living costs, English language training and wraparound support that will include counselling, health and wellbeing care.

Pianist and RNCM alumnus, Ivan Hovorun, himself from the city of Lviv, will be supporting the Ukrainian Music Fund in a number of ways, including a recital. He said:

“I grew up and studied in Lviv, and I’ve walked through the streets and places that have been totally destroyed. I am in constant contact with my friends there, as they try to defend their homes and cities. It is 10 years since I studied at the RNCM, where for seven years of study I literally lived and I have the most pleasant memories of those years and concerts.

“Since March 2022 I have been supporting Ukraine through different events and I am now supporting Ukrainian students of my alma mater. I think it is my mission to help. It is very important for global music culture that newly coming generation of Ukrainian music students will have an access to the unique facilities, instruments, sources of information, concert platforms and fantastic teachers.”

All donations made to the RNCM Ukrainian Musicians Fund will go towards ensuring that gifted young musicians from Ukraine can continue their future in music. You can make a donation here.

Wed 29 Jun, RNCM,
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Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Wed 29 Jun 2022