Rossini’s timeless, one-act opera La scala di seta continues its impressive run at the RNCM this week.

The popular tale features a lively blend of humour and romance as it follows the twists and turns of a secret marriage between Giulia and her beloved Dorvil. With a running time of just under 2 hours, it serves as the perfect production to explore opera if you’re new to it.

Credit: Craig Fuller

Unbeknownst to Giulia’s guardian, Dormont, with whom she lives with, she uses a silken ladder (‘La scala di seta’) to sneak her husband into her room.

After Dormont makes clear his plans to give away Giulia’s hand to the wealthy Blansac, she must devise her own cunning plan to steer Blansac’s affections elsewhere.

Credit: Craig Fuller

A comedic story of seduction and would-be-lovers, Rossini’s unmistakable style shines as bright as ever in this brilliant, witty and playful score.

Want to get a taste of what to expect? Watch the cast doing their best to sum up the story below…

La scala di seta makes its final appearance at RNCM on Sat 23 Mar. Tickets are on sale now, book yours using the button below.

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Tue 19 Mar - Sat 23 Mar, RNCM,
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Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Tue 19 Mar 2024