The brains behind Home by Nico from Manchester small-plate restaurant Six by Nico, Nico Simeone and Michael Sim, have returned with their latest venture: Home-X, a new e-commerce platform that delivers restaurant-quality food straight to your doorstep. Following the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the hospitality sector, the pair were forced to find a new way to satisfy customers and settled on the James Bond version of Just Eat.

Don’t be expecting Daniel Craig at your doorstep. Instead, they’re delivering meals with a licence to thrill, as current suppliers on the platform – including Home by Nico, STEM wine club, Chateau-X, The Cheese Club, and vegan offering 24 Carrot – will enable customers to enjoy everything from vegan tasting dishes, hand-picked artisan cheeses, exceptional wines, and pre-prepared Chateaubriand – all from home.

Home-X also gives customers the chance to receive ingredients in their box to try their hand at cooking the meals themselves. Each box comes with easy to follow instructions which will allow customers to create homemade gourmet dishes. Their free tutorial videos on their site are also available which makes cooking like a pro even easier. Home-X is available nation-wide and will welcome new supplies to their rosta in the coming weeks. Say goodbye to social distancing and place your order by following the link below.

Fri 23 Oct
Ben Esson
Published on:
Fri 23 Oct 2020