Has it only been a year? It’s difficult to remember a time before people were banging on about SoLita, but, somehow, it is only one year old. Rather than throwing a party to celebrate, they’ve instead revamped their already stellar menu, adding a couple of very special dishes to the menu (while still ardently sticking to that no-diet philosophy that has served them so well). So, next time you’re in, you can sing Happy Birthday in between mouthfuls of the following:

DIY Tartare (steak and tuna) – Diners are invited to curate their own plate, with the individual components of this classic dish served on a bespoke platter, for guests to garnish and season to their own taste.
Seafood starters and small plates – Forget batter, SoLita are pioneering Beer Boiled Shrimp, cooked in Sam Adam’s ale and served with the mysterious ‘dirty’ butter, as well as Maryland crabcakes served with ‘Big Manc’ sauce
Crispy fried chicken livers – Not for everybody, it’s even served with ‘neckbone’ gravy
Wings n Things – a platter of wings and ribs in a mixture of heats and flavours – though the ‘Cry For Help’ hotwings will likely have a bit more zing than your local Nandos
Salads – Well, they had to include something for the calorie minded eventually, didn’t they? A selection of four, including the ‘Black and Blue’ (steak and blue cheese)
Vegetarian – So your vege- friends don’t ruin your meal, SoLita have added Lucky 7 (a 7 ingredient dip with blue corn tortillas) and eggplant fritters in garlic marinara sauce to the menu, too.
Grill Menu – For the real carnivores among you – the standout being a charcoal grilled 24 ounce New York strip steak for two – dry aged on the bone for a minimum of thirty days, as all steaks and burgers are at SoLita

New menu now being served, SoLita, Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DW, 12pm – late, http://www.solita.co.uk/

Matthew Britton
Published on:
Fri 14 Jun 2013