Pigs may not be able to fly other than in the world of cinema, but Blue Pig have come close to realising that dream by teaming up with Deliveroo. Flying through town on their mopeds, Deliveroo will now be serving up Blue Pig’s extensive menu directly into Manchester’s front rooms. Comatose in your kitchen after a busy day and looking for your evening meal to appear? You can select from the burgers – Blue Pig Burger and Eastside among them – and mains, including Pig Dog Bratwurst sausage and Dirty Tricolor for vegetarians, without leaving the house. If you’re feeling extra peckish in the office and your packed sandwiches are looking too samey, order in one of Blue Pig’s lunchtime snacks in the shape of falafel or a steak and cheese wrap.

The Blue Pig, 69 High Street, Manchester, M4 1FS. Tel: 0161 832 0630, from midday until late, www.deliveroo.co.uk

Ian Pennington
Published on:
Tue 8 Sep 2015