Manchester’s beloved pasta slingers Sugo have announced details of a Kickstarter push to raise funds for their new restaurant in Sale’s Stanley Square.

The latest addition is set to open in the new year, however, the team are still a little short of the total £275k needed to get things up and running.

So far they’ve managed to cover £190k, but now need a little help to get over the line.

“We’ve hit a funding brick wall; the banks aren’t keen to lend to indie restaurants like ours due to covid.” They explained on Instagram.

“We’ve managed to cover £190k ourselves but we’re £85k short to complete our fit out in the new year.”

For anyone wanting to support, making a donation will essentially translate to buying a gift voucher to be used at any one of their restaurants—Ancoats, Altrincham or Sale once open.

Want to chip to? You can do so right here.

Image credit: Sugo Pasta Kitchen


Wed 15 Dec
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Wed 15 Dec 2021