Most of the media has a slight London bias, which is completely natural – it’s the largest city in the UK, has the most going on and, crucially, that’s where most of these publications are based. Still, it’s a little jarring that ShortList only chose two of Manchester’s fine establishments to compete in their Pub of the Year awards – with The Castle Hotel, Crown & Kettle and The Gaslamp being among the great boozers that probably should be up there. Rightfully, both Chorlton’s excellent The Beagle and Spinningfield’s delightful Oast House (last year’s winner, no less) have made the 30-strong list, along with Camp & Furnace and Pig & Butcher from Liverpool – with the winner getting two barrels of specially brewed ale to celebrate, as well as a framed certificate. Meaningless, but when has meaning ever been a barrier for an excess of civic pride?

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Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sun 30 Jun 2013