Cornerhouse will host this year’s Terracotta Film Festival, which showcases the very best in new Asian cinema. Running from Wednesday 19 September until Tuesday 25 September, the festival’s fourth-year programme boasts an impressive line-up of films for Asiaphiles and cinema aficionados alike. One highlight is Return to Burma (Wed 19 Sep, 6.30pm), the first film made in Burma under the censorship radar, giving an insight into the daily life of the country as it moves towards democracy. The festival will also premiere South Korea’s most expensive and ambitious war film ever, My Way (Sat 22 Sep, 3.30pm). Starring Korean cinema heavyweights Fan Bingbing (Shaolin, Flashpoint) and Jang Don-gun (Brotherhood), My Way (pictured) tells the story of an uneasy alliance between a pair of Korean and Japanese runners, whose ambitions to compete in the Tokyo Olympics are ruined with the advent of World War Two. For something a little more lighthearted, Japanese director Gakuryu Ishii’s black comedy Isn’t Anyone Alive? (Tue 25 Sep, 8.30 pm) is a heady mix of genre and the absurd. The film, adapted from the stage production of the same name, is the story of unexplained deaths at a university hospital after people start talking about a bizarre urban myth.

Wed 19 Sep – Tue 25 Sep, Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St, Manchester, Tel: 0161 200 1500, £4.50-£7.50,

James Wise
Published on:
Wed 19 Sep 2012