A celebration of all things rugged, in both senses of the word, The Banff Mountain Film Festival comes to the Plaza Cinema, Stockport, in February and March 2016 with two different film programmes. The screenings showcase short films about mountain sports and previous occasions have been something of a get-together for those who love the great outdoors – and doing wild stuff in it. The full programme will be announced soon but three standouts are outlined here. ‘A Line Across the Sky’ follows two climbers as they traverse the Cerro Fitz Roy mountain and its six satellite peaks. Deep in the Patagonian ice field, this range is one of the most challenging climbs on Earth. In ‘Eclipse’, the photographer Reuben Krabbe visits the island of Svalbard, high in the Arctic Circle. Here, he battles the elements to capture a photo of a skier in front of last year’s solar eclipse. A celebration of women who love high-altitude sports, ‘Pretty Faces’ centres on skier Rachael Burks as she chases her dream of tackling the big peaks of Alaska.

Sat 6 Feb and Sat 12 Mar, Plaza Cinema, Mersey Square, Stockport, SK1 1SP, Tel: 0161 477 7779, 7.30pm – 10.30pm, Tickets from £11, www.banff-uk.com

Sat 6 Feb - Sat 12 Mar
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Sun 6 Mar 2016