Oklahoma and Gizeh Records team up next month to host three nights of screenings of Super 8 films by poet and film-maker Jayne Amara Ross. The screenings coincide with the release of Jayne’s most recent work The Freemartin Calf, a labour-of-love film and soundtrack. The film relates a day in the life of a mother and daughter as they face two separate realities of conflicting desires towards imposed societal roles, told to a soundtrack by Frédéric D. Oberland and Gaspar Claus. The evenings will also include a showing of As True As Troilus, another of Jayne’s films, which featured on the FareWell Poetry album Hoping For The Invisible To Ignite. While entry is free, to ensure your place at either of the screenings, make sure you make a reservation via the website.

Wed 25 Sep – Fri 27 Sep, Oklahoma, 74-76 High Street, M4 1ES, Tel: 0161 834 1136, 7pm – 9pm, FREE, www.gizehrecords.com

Wed 25 Sep - Fri 27 Sep
Hannah Phillips
Published on:
Sun 22 Sep 2013