The chameleon walls of Common are getting a brand new identity as illustration and design collective Skull Paradise step in this August. Featuring the work of ‘five weirdos’ from Brighton, Leeds and London – or Kate Prior, Pippa Toole, Sophy Hollington, James Burgess and Idiot’s Pasture, as they’re known individually – the exhibition will be Skull Paradise’s first public outing up North. The Gravehounds in question are a gang of degenerate street dogs, who have slipped from their leashes to live a life of hedonistic depravity on the corner of Bone Street, and this Thursday’s launch party kicks things off with temporary gang tattoos, Gravehound patches, limited edition risograph prints, free booze and bad vibes. You’ve been warned.

Thu 28 Aug – late Feb 2015, Common, 39 – 41 Edge Street, M4 1HW, Launch night starts 6pm, FREE,

Thu 28 Aug
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Tue 26 Aug 2014