Lords of the Forest is a collaboration between Manchester-based Gallery, PAPER and the Spanish Gallery, Kir Royal. Showcasing the work of two internationally renowned artists, Madrid-based Jose Louis Serzo and Liverpool-based Richard Meaghan, this exhibition explores the theme of the surreal: Jose Louis Serzo’s work focuses upon imagined characters, passing through dream-like sequences and Richard Meaghan’s work is centered around a political dystopian future, touching upon the idea of globalisation and the control of the political agenda. Each artist has approached this collaboration through their common artistic interests, creating a dialogue between them and their respective cities.

Sat 27 Feb – Sat 2 Apr, PAPER Gallery, Mirabel Street, Manchester, M3 1PJ, Open Sat only 11am – 5pm, FREE, www.paper-gallery.co.uk

Sat 27 Feb - Sat 2 Apr
Daisy Kidd
Published on:
Wed 30 Mar 2016