Based in the heart of Manchester, a city renowned for literature and poetry, is the brand-new, North-West first, Manchester Poetry Library.

Open to all, the space offers over 10,000 books and recordings that can be explored through their online catalogue, in person and through the library’s brilliant annual events programme.

The diverse collection offers an extensive range of poetry in the many languages spoken across Manchester, and a section entirely dedicated to children’s poetry too.

With a superb mission to imagine, make and grow a leading collection of contemporary poetry with its members and partners, Manchester Poetry Library aims to create an exceptional poetry research centre, a space where the art belongs to everyone and can be enjoyed and celebrated as part of a fulfilling life.

Through working locally, nationally and internationally with all demographics to create a place where language is celebrated in all its diversity, and where the next generation of writers and readers are made, this space perfectly epitomises the ethos of a welcoming, imaginative and transformative power of words.

Championing diversity, equality and inclusion—the library is equally committed to creating a positive environment where everybody is treated with dignity and respect, with a central mission to ensure that the space is open to all and will actively work towards equality of access, opportunity and participation.

Not only have you got a mega-collection of poetical works to browse through and get inspired by, but the Manchester Poetry Library also offers a whole host of events including the upcoming event ‘Love Thy Neighbour‘ to mark the Asia Triennial in Manchester.

Taking place from Fri 12-Wed 24 Nov, the 12-day interdisciplinary programme of art, poetry, film, immersive installation and performance investigates how we can build a more compassionate relationship with our neighbours, from the hyperlocal to the international, in uncertain and critical times of polarising political beliefs, Brexit and Black Lives Matter.

An exhibition of over 200 artistic postcards, sent by over 100 artists from 20 different countries will portray the rich histories of Asian art through modern and contemporary interpretations. Intimate and immediate, the artist’s postcard is a microcosm, a miniature work of art designed for a specific social purpose – to connect with others. The unique collection features prints, photography, fine art, embroidery and poetry.

This multifaceted event aims to develop and promote the work of British and international artists and poets that work across the context of Asian contemporary culture. Through seeking international perspectives, an awareness of historical knowledge and exploring future economic and cultural influence—this event is set to brilliantly encourage an understanding and spark debate around the UK’s relationship with Asia.

Thu 4 Nov, Manchester Poetry Library,
Manchester Metropolitan University, Grosvenor Building, Cavendish Street, Manchester M15 6BG
, Tel: 0161 247 2000
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Thu 4 Nov 2021