There’s no greater guilty pleasure than the art of people watching, which provides the perfect platform to empathise with, judge, fancy or ponder those around you without any repercussions. And whether this involves intruding on a clumsy blossoming relationship, watching old friends catching up or trying to understand the tail-end of some cryptic conversation, it’s fair to say the unique world of the bar – where drinks flow and inhibitions are lost – has seen it all. To explore these themes, Kosmonaut hosts its first installation with work from Manchester student, Aalina Stanciu. The exhibition, custom-built for the bar, explores the moments captured whenever someone walks into a bar, whereby a story is instantly created. Things kick off Fri 8 Nov, where resident DJ Pasta Paul will be spinning the tunes.

Fri 8 Nov – Wed 4 Dec, Kosmonaut, Kosmonaut, 10 Tariff Street, M1 2FF, Launch night 5pm – 9pm, FREE,

Fri 8 Nov - Wed 4 Dec
Jess Hardiman
Published on:
Thu 7 Nov 2013