Taking place across Thu 23 Mar and Fri 24 Mar, the RNCM’s Original Voices Festival celebrates new perspectives on music by ‘reimagining how we perform and present works from the past’ while exploring the future through modern conceptions of live performance, from staging to presentation, alongside new arrangements from the next generation of musicians across a range of free and ticketed performances.

Beginning at 6pm on Thu 23 Mar, acclaimed ‘trailblazing vocal ensemble’ Kantos Chamber Choir present an original take on a choral concert featuring works by William Byrd, Caroline Shaw, Roderick Williams and more, with tickets available for £8 or just £4 for students and under-26s.

Later that evening for the same incredible price, the RNCM ArkEnsemble – a creative group of wind and brass players led by the school’s Head of Saxophone, Rob Buckland – showcase their dedication to musical innovation with a performance featuring theatrical elements, stylish lighting design and ‘striking presentation’ with all players standing throughout the show.

At 8pm on Fri 24 Mar, the RNCM’s International Chair in Violin Henning Kraggerud delivers a magisterial rendition of several inimitable works, including Bach’s Goldberg Variations and Grieg’s Violin Sonata No. 3 in C Minor. Recognised as one of Norway’s most outstanding international performers and composers, Kraggerud regularly incorporates dance and improvisation into the rehearsal process, and often invites the audience to make choices about what they hear in his performances.

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Thu 23 Mar - Fri 24 Mar, The RNCM,
RNCM Concert Hall, 124 Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9RD
, Tel: 01619075200
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Mon 27 Feb 2023