Comprising an incredible programme of shows in which students create, prepare and perform innovative works together, the RNCM’s Spotlight Series features an astoundingly eclectic selection of free half-hour concerts to satisfy every musical taste as we begin the new year in earnest.

On Fri 3 Mar, breathtaking double-bill Two Hand Trick explores opera and modern love through the work of Barber and Menotti in a musical collision between romance and technology, featuring Samuel Barber’s A Hand of Bridge, a short chamber opera during which four bridge players each sing an achingly human aria expressing their fraught, tormented inner lives and problems away from the table.

Taking place on Fri 31 Mar, RNCM student cellists unite in Renaissance to Ragtime, a stirring string odyssey through a comprehensive mix of genres and arrangements including Mendehlsson’s Organ Sonata, Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer and Paul Simon’s Bridge Over Troubled Water with a unique complementary four-cello dynamic.

Free to attend with an online booking, RNCM’s Spotlight Series offers the ideal evening interlude for a blustery post-work commute, or the perfect precursor to a lively night in the city.

For an affordable evening of unforgettable live music, check out the full schedule of concerts at RNCM with students and under-26s now eligible for 50% off tickets to select events during the RNCM’s 50th anniversary year.

RNCM under-26 discount

Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Wed 25 Jan 2023