Fed up of the over saturation and Americanisation of eating out in the city? Well the burger may have to move over to let another meaty treat through as The Splendid Sausage Co. sets up shop in the space last inhabited by the hotch potch Jack Spratt. Selling locally sourced sausages served with a twist, this sausage fest will be the first port of call for foodies who’ve had their fill of burgers with salacious names. Instead patrons will be offered charmingly named eats such as ‘The King’ (pictured) which includes beef sausage topped with peanut butter, Dijon mustard, bacon, deep fried banana, crispy bacon bits and a peanut & mustard sauce. If that didn’t get you salivating then you’re a vegetarian, and that’s fine, but you might want to stay away from this place. Sounds splendid to us.

Fri 11 Apr, The Splendid Sausage Co, 11 St James Square, John Dalton Street, M2 6WH. https://www.facebook.com/splendidsausages 5pm

Fri 11 Apr
John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 11 Apr 2014