These are our top choices for burger lovers this month. Obviously, the list is not exhaustive; we also like Knott Bar (biggest burger), Archies (burger in most neon environment), Grill on the Alley (kobe beefburger) and Gourmet Burger Kitchen (most numerous burgers). We are not sure what’s happening at Northern Quarter pop-up, Almost Famous, but we’ll keep you posted.

1. Gorilla is a new bar from the Trof supergroup, serving thick-set burgers in brioche buns (£8.50) topped with aged cheddar. Bread is baked in-house while the ground beef is served slightly pink. They also do lamb, spicy bean and hotdog ones with extras like smoky bacon, fried egg and aioli. Burgers are carried to your table on a wooden board, with Parmesan-topped chips and salad. Sit in a cosy booth, or at old classroom tables looking out over busy Whitworth Street. Additional plus points come from a great atmosphere (Gorilla is currently the place to be), a Victorian railway arch ceiling, genuine school gym floor (look out for holes where the monkey bars used to slot in) and a deal-snatching gin saloon.

54-56 Whitworth Street West, M1 5WW.

2. Southern 11 is our only Oklahoman wood-smoked slow-cooking BBQ joint. Inspired by the likes of London’s Pitt Cue Co, co-owner,James Hitchen earned his stripes in the BBQ shacks of Tennesse before opening here. Known as ‘sliders’, the ‘lil burgers’ (£9.95) come in threes on a wooden board (this year’s slate) with salted fries and slaw. You get more burger for your buck and less hipsters than at Gorilla: this is where young foodies graduating from Nando’s, and buff couples hang out under the low, golden lights, around big wooden tables. Tuck in with a cookie crumble milkshake.

Unit 26, 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, M3 3EB. Tel: 0161 832 0482,

3. Brewdog’s new interior may resemble the Industrial Zone of the Crystal Maze – but with so little to look at, you can get totally into  the menu. As well as serving own brand Brew Dog craft beers, (plus a large bottled selection), the compact pizza and burger menu has got local burger lovers excited. Designed by Masterchef winner Tim Anderson, the burgers are simple, larger than average (around the size of lady’s handspan) and perfectly seasoned. We like the Milwaukee (£6.95), which brings together pork and German bratwurst spices. Jay Rayner wasn’t mad on it, we say it’s a bargain – and the ideal accompaniment to a pint of Brewdog 77 Lager.

35 Peter Street, M2 5RA. Tel: 0161 832 1922,

Ruth Allan
Published on:
Sun 1 Jul 2012