The award-winning Ransack Theatre premiere Moth – the latest play by Declan Greene – in Manchester this Spring. As the Artist in Residence at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre, Greene is one of Australia’s most prolific writing talents with a particular bias towards youth and avant-garde genres. In this piece, he tackles themes of adolescent loneliness and mental health with a sensitivity and intensity. Moth tells the story of Sebastian; he doesn’t fit in and is obsessed with apocalyptic anime. After a fallout with his only friend, he wakes up with an avenging moth in a jar by his bed, and a calling to save the souls of all humanity. So begins the Passion of Sebastian: a journey into a dark night. Ransack Theatre present the play in their signature immersive style alongside their team full of award-winning emerging artists. The piece will take place at Hope Mill Theatre, an institution renowned for celebrating new talent and producing exemplary revivals.

Thu 13 Apr – Sat 22nd Apr, Hope Mill Theatre, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester, M4 7JA. Tel: 07531 086 978, 7.30pm, £5 – £10,

Thu 13 Apr - Sat 22 Apr
Jenny Davies
Published on:
Sat 15 Apr 2017