The Whitworth hosts a screening of The Passion, a poignant pious piece of opera, for free this Thursday. Recently staged in Manchester by the Homeless Film Festival, Tandem Theatre, and Streetwise Opera, the production received outstanding reviews from the likes of The Times, the Guardian and The Stage. Although the final days of Jesus Christ have been depicted abundantly in all aspects of culture, the alignment this pieces takes towards contemporary society and the concluding events of his life is refreshing and will likely provoke an energising response. Preceding its screening will be two short films by acclaimed director Penny Woolcock, Second Knock at the Door and Spirals, which are orientated around homelessness and vulnerable housing. Simply walking around the city centre, one knows how much an issue this is upon modern life – and it’s therefore imperative not to miss this compelling event.

Thu 21 Apr, The Whitworth, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6ER, 6.45pm. FREE – advanced booking required via

Thu 21 Apr
Alasdair Bayman
Published on:
Tue 19 Apr 2016