It’s not often that people get too excited by a production company, but Told by an Idiot aren’t really your usual production company. Carol Ann Duffy (poet laureate, don’t you forget) says they are “the most exciting, enthralling and energising presence in British Theatre”, and The Independent reckon “their work is never less than sublime” – but anyone who went to their interpretation of You Can’t Take It With You at the Royal Exchange in 2011 needn’t take anyone else’s word for it. Invited back for this run especially thanks to the sell-outs and rave reviews from their last show, Told by an Idiot this time bring to life Alexandr Ostrovsky’s tale of greed, ambition, deception, and savage humour. Protagonist Gloumov wants to climb to the top, and is prepared to do what he has to in order to get there. Purposely commissioned for the Exchange’s unique space, this should be one of the stand-out shows of the summer.

Wed 10 Jul – Sat 17 Aug, Royal Exchange Theatre, St Anns Square, M2 7DH, 7.30pm plus weekly matinees, various prices,

Wed 10 Jul - Sat 17 Aug
Matthew Britton
Published on:
Sat 29 Jun 2013