The next Record Store Day 2020 ‘drop date’ is fast approaching. Due to take place on Saturday 26 September, this will be the second chance this year for vinyl fans to scoop exclusive records as part of Record Store Day. The yearly event usually happens in April, but with the COVID-19 pandemic shaking things up, everything has been a bit different in 2020. Split into three ‘drop dates’ – August, September and October – each date has its own list of extra special releases for you to purchase. This time around, we’ve listed our top 5 LPs (albums and compilations) to try and get your hands on this coming weekend…

1: Fleetwood Mac – The Alternate Rumours LP
An exclusive version mirroring the band’s famous Rumours album from the deluxe edition, taking early and alternate versions and placing them front and centre. Experience iconic songs from an even more iconic band on vinyl for the very first time.

Side A: 1.Second Hand News (Alternate) 2.Dreams (Alternate) 3.Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet) 4.Don’t Stop (Alternate) 5.Go Your Own Way (Alternate) 6.Songbird (Alternate)

Side B: 1. The Chain (Demo) 2. You Make Loving Fun (Alternate) 3. I Don’t Want To Know (Early Take) 4. Oh Daddy (Early Take) 5. Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)

Quantity : 16,000

2: Skye – Keeping Secrets LP
British singer-songwriter and Morcheeba front-woman, Skye Edwards, celebrates the 10 year anniversary of her second album Keeping Secrets with this limited-edition white vinyl gatefold. Find the full track listing below…

“I Believe”/ “Boo Hoo” / “Not Broken” / “The Shape I’m In” / “Monsters Demons” / “Clock To Stop” / “Almost Killed Me” / “Wrong Alright” / “Maybe To Spain” / “Exhale”

Quantity : 500

3: Various Artists – Dance Craze LP
This is the soundtrack to the documentary Dance Craze, released as part of the Two Tone Records 40th Anniversary celebration and the first time the vinyl has been repressed since its original release in 1981. Bands featured include The Specials, Madness, and many more.

The Specials “Concrete Jungle” / The Beat “Mirror In The Bathroom” / Bad Manners “Lip Up Fatty” / Madness “Razor Blade Alley” /The Selecter “Three Minute Hero” / The Bodysnatchers “Easy Life” / The Beat “Big Shot” / Madness “One Step Beyond” / The Beat “Ranking FullStop” / The Specials “Man at C & A” / The Selecter “Missing Words” / Bad Manners “Inner London Violence” / Madness “Night Boat To Cairo” / The Selecter “Too Much Pressure” / The Specials “Nite Klub”

Quantity: 2,000

4: Ellie Goulding – Lights 10 – 2 x LP
A special version of Ellie Goulding’s debut album Lights to celebrate ten years since its release. Featuring hit singles like the eponymous Lights and Starry Eyed, alongside a cover of Elton John’s Your Song. The double-disc vinyl also includes six remixes released on vinyl for the very first time. Pressed on 180 gram recycled vinyl and printed on 100% recycled board.

LP1 / Side A: 1. Guns And Horses 2. Starry Eyed 3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) 4. Under The Sheets 5. The Writer 6. Every Time You Go
LP1 / Side B: 1. Wish I Stayed 2. Your Biggest Mistake 3. I’ll Hold My Breath 4. Salt Skin 5. Lights (Single Version) 6. Human

LP2 / Side A: 1. Little Dreams 2. Home 3. Animal 4. Believe Me 5. Your Song 6. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) – Mille Remix

LP2 / Side B: 1. Guns and Horses – Monsieur Adi Remix (Nike Remix CD) 2. Lights – Fear Of Tigers Remix 3. Salt Skin – Alex Metric Remix 4. Starry Eyed – Russ Chimes Remix (Nike Remix CD) 5. Under The Sheets – Jakwob Remix (Nike Remix CD)

Quantity: 4,120

5: Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (25th Anniversary) – 2 x LP
2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of rapper Coolio’s best selling album Gangsta’s Paradise. This special edition is remastered, pressed on 180 gram double red vinyl, and features previously unreleased bonus material. Explore the full. track listing below…

1. That’s How It Is, 2. Geto Highlites, 3. Gangsta’s Paradise, 4. Too Hot, 5. Cruisin’, 6. Exercise Yo’ Game, 7. Sumpin’ New, 8. Smilin’, 9. Fucc Coolio, 10. Kinda High Kinda Drunk, 11. For My Sistas, 12. Is This Me?, 13. A Thing Goin’ On, 14. Bright as the Sun, 15. Recoup This, 16. The Revolution, 17. Get Up Get Down

Bonus Tracks: 1. “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)” [Timber Mix], 2. “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)” [Timber Mix Instrumental]

Quantity: 1,500

To find out more about this and future Record Store Day ‘drop dates’, their releases, participating stores and more, head to the official Record Store Day website. Meanwhile, you can find a list of participating Manchester record stores below…

  • Vinyl Exchange, 18 Oldham St, Manchester, M1 1JN
  • Piccadilly Records, 53 Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JR
  • Vinyl Revival, 5 Hilton Street, Manchester, M4 1LP
  • Eastern Bloc Records, 5A Stevenson Sq, Manchester, M1 1DN
  • Wilderness Record Store, 9 Egerton Crescent, Manchester, M20 4PN
Sat 26 Sep
Cat Allan
Published on:
Wed 23 Sep 2020