Hot off last week’s news that Manchester will soon be getting a brand new bike hire scheme, some new travel news reveals that the city will also be getting 100-meters of pop-up cycle lanes, allowing easy access in and out of the centre. Spearheaded by Walk Ride Greater Manchester, this new initiative aims to help workers get in an out of the city safely – something that has become all-important during the COVID-19 crisis and the government’s request that more people avoid public transport. Currently over a third of Manchester residents are without a car so this news means that those who are able to will have a bespoke source of transport to and from town whilst ensuring social distance guidelines. Routes confirmed to adopt pop-up cycle lanes so far include a seven-mile stretch of the A56 leading from Altrincham direct to the Manchester, with 10 more routes planned including the A6 from Stockport. Further route details will be published when they’re announced – so be sure to check back soon.

Edward Lane
Published on:
Wed 27 May 2020