Lantern Festival falls on the last day of the Chinese Spring Festival. Typically, it’s celebrated on the 15th of the first month in the Chinese year – which is 22 Feb this year. On this date, people in China often go and see a lantern display, eat dumpling soup and generally have a get together – and the nearest display to Manchester city centre is the UK Art Lantern Festival, located in one of the huge outdoor spaces that surround the intu Trafford Centre. We’ve seen the lanterns waiting to go up and they look impressive, taking in everything from ornate globes to dinosaurs, all on a huge scale. Due to high winds the launch date (5 Feb) was postponed. However the Festival is set start for real this Friday (12 Feb) and run until mid April.

Fri 12 Feb – Wed 2 Apr, intu Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8AA. Tel: 0161 749 1717, times vary, from £9 per person,

Fri 12 Feb - Wed 20 Apr
Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Thu 14 Apr 2016