LA quartet Warpaint have returned to the limelight in supreme style, dropping the long-awaited Radiate Like This, their first full-length record in six years.

This album signalled another new page in the group’s already-illustrious 20-year career. Each member recorded their own parts separately throughout the pandemic—often in makeshift home studios—before sending on to the next, creating every track layer by layer, each new addition seamlessly complementing the last.

After delaying its release until they could take it on the road, fans can finally, finally hear new Warpaint material—something which was by no means always a given.

They stop off at the Albert Hall this Thu 12 May and a handful of tickets are still on sale. Grab your spot using the button below.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Thu 12 May, Albert Hall,
27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
Bradley Lengden
Published on:
Tue 10 May 2022