It’s hard to believe just how much has changed since TEDxManchester took over Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall six weeks ago with a new array of insightful motivational presentations. With the city since slowing to a crawl, the staff behind the ever-popular event have taken this opportunity to make an array of speaker talks available to view online – allowing viewers to broaden their horizons and adopt new outlooks whist stuck in lockdown. By visiting the TEDxManchester website and YouTube page, viewers can enjoy a range of sessions from industry experts, including investigative reporter David Epstein discussing myth shattering and human development, author James Wallman sharing thoughts on how to be happier and former FBI agent Joe Navarro delving deep on the subtle power of body language. There are currently a range of 2020 talks available to view, with the TEDxManchester team promising to upload more in the coming weeks.

Edward Lane
Published on:
Thu 4 Jun 2020