Oddbox is a community-powered weekly rescue mission to save delicious, fresh fruit and veg which is deemed “too big”, “too ugly”, the “wrong colour”, or “too many”’ from going to waste. It delivers its boxes directly from the growers to consumers’ doorsteps across the country and is finally coming to Manchester! The brand-new launch calls on Mancunians to join the Oddbox mission to rescue 150 thousand tonnes of food waste by 2025 in the fight against climate change.

In fact, if every household in the new Oddbox Manchester delivery area signed up for just one medium Oddbox, together they’d prevent enough water to fill Manchester Cathedral nearly 7 times from going to waste; over 665 million litres. 9 million kgs of carbon emissions would also be saved, which could power 3,000 Manchester homes for a whole year. With food waste being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, Oddbox is building a community that together can play its part in fighting food waste whilst tackling climate change.

Tel: 0203 318 4987
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Wed 15 Sep 2021