Matthew E White, the hirsute Virginian with one of the best albums of 2012, brings his impressive live show to town. Described by the New York Times as ‘dramatic pop-gospel’, White manages to orchestrate jazz, rock, big band horns and swelling strings into an intense, oscillating soul product. It’s not all power though, in fact it’s quite cuddly. The singer/composer has a very soft voice, often lost in the many layers of his productions. Don’t expect the 30-strong ensemble he used to lay down last year’s debut LP Big Inner to be in attendance for this Sound Control gig, but do expect warmth and emotion and tearful swinging. Stand-out track, the piano driven reparation anthem Big Love, is the one to look out for here, you’ll be humming it for a week at least.

Thu 25 Apr, Sound Control, 1 New Wakefield Street, M1 5NP. Tel: 0161 236 0340, 7.30pm, £9,

Thu 25 Apr
Sam Swaffield
Published on:
Sun 21 Apr 2013