This is the second nostalgia trip to Manchester that Evan Dando, the only constant member of the famous 1990s band The Lemonheads, has taken in as many years. Following last year’s full band show, Evan returns in time for Christmas bearing a box of delights from 1992’s best seller It’s a Shame About Ray, as well as tracks from 2009’s Varshons, playing mostly acoustic and live on stage with fellow 1990s star Juliana Hatfield. As famous for his laconic delivery as his appetite for getting high, his gig is likely to go one of two ways. But for those who failed to catch him during his years in the limelight, the allure of hearing Dando’s seductive US drawl live is almost irresistible.

Sun 2 Dec, Academy 2, Oxford Road, M13 9PR, Tel: 0161 275 2930, 7.30pm, £16.50,

Sun 2 Dec
Ruth Allan
Published on:
Mon 3 Dec 2012