Performer and artist Lowri Evans has an eye for finding magic in somewhat mundane everyday reality. Not to give too much away (it is the ‘secret’ life after all…), Lowri’s first ever solo show explores the jumbled nature of life as she shares her thoughts, stories and memories on the night of her real-life 30th birthday. We are invited to witness her journey through the miraculous and the mundane and her attempt to understand what connects us all together. This feature length show from the Manchester-based performer who has previously worked with the award-winning Quarantine theatre company and Contact Theatre’s Eggs Collective (among others), The Secret Life is a live scrap book, an autobiographical piece blurring fiction and reality that sees Lowri’s visual art and theatre practice merge together. As she shares her secret life with us, we will most likely be left to ponder our own. May appeal to fans of Miranda July’s charming, observation-based writing.

Thu 31 Jan and Fri 1 Feb, The Lowry, 8 The Quays  Salford M50 3AZ Tel: 0843 208 6000, 8pm, £10/£8,  

Thu 31 Jan - Fri 1 Feb
Shereen Perera
Published on:
Thu 31 Jan 2013