Almost a decade after forming Tune Yards and releasing three critically acclaimed albums on 4AD, Merrill Garbus’ musical project recently dropped I can feel you creep into my life. The product of a six-month meditation workshop on social justice,  this confrontational record is paired with Garbus’ increased leaning towards dance music, acknowledging the role of disco, house and techno for the marginalised during their humble beginnings. Maintaining their inherent and distinctive style, this album also adopts four-to-the-floor rhythms, wonky electronics and nifty basslines from bandmate Nate Brenner. With a theatre background, Garbus’ performances aim to be a sacred rhythmic experience for the audience to share; challenging and holding all senses captive.

Fri 16 Mar, Albert Hall, 27 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR, Tel: 0161 858 8521, 7pm, £16.50,

Fri 16 Mar
Edwina Chan
Published on:
Mon 12 Mar 2018